Wednesday, 29 October 2014

MAC Velvet Teddy

So it happened.  After months of stalking Kylie Jenner's instagram, I finally got my hands on the coveted MAC Velvet Teddy (£15.50).   I had been hunting for this for what feels like forever since hearing it was the lipstick Kylie has been wearing recently but it was sold out EVERYWHERE!!!  I eventually turned the 'Notify Me' button on the MAC website on so I would get a notification the minute it was back in stock, but I heard nothing for days so I thought all hope was lost.  But alas, on Saturday I got an email to let me know it was back in so I quickly ordered it and then sat by the letterbox waiting for the postman to come.  Then it happened.  A black parcel was slipped into my letterbox yesterday morning with the word MAC printed at the top.  I ripped it open and almost wet myself with excitement (tmi?) and boy was I not disappointed.  

The lipstick is described as a deep beige tone with a matte finish.  I usually find mattes to look quite dry on my lips but does this one?  Nuh uh.  It has the perfect matte finish while still keeping your lips feeling and looking hydrated.  The colour is so flattering to my skin and is along the lines of a nude/brown/pink/beige to create a perfect colour combination.  

The colour is selling out fast everywhere but this is definitely a lipstick I would recommend investing in, it's very complimentary and versatile and come on, who doesn't want to be that little closer to looking like Kylie Jenner?  

Have you tried Velvet Teddy before?  What were your thoughts?  

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