Tuesday, 21 October 2014


BLEACH London are a brand I've lusted after for a long time, with their hair dyes available in every colour under the rainbow and cool, grungy vibe I've always loved them.  Unfortunately I'm not anywhere near brave enough to take the plunge and dye my hair bright blue so instead I decided to try a few of their hair care and styling products and when they are included in the Boots 3 for 2 deal, you just can't turn that down!  

Firstly, I picked up the Reincarnation Mask (£6.00)this is a hair mask which is applied into hair pre-shampoo and left to set for 10-20 minutes, I usually leave it on for just over 20 to make my hair super soft.  For an even better effect, wrap your hair in a warm towel for the 20 minutes too!  I then shampoo and condition my hair as normal and voila, my hair feels so soft and refreshed, it is literally so silky and smooth I could sit and run my fingers through it all day.  It also smells amazing unlike some other hair makes I've used in the past.  If your hair needs a little lovin' I definitely suggest trying this out, it isn't only used for bleached hair as you may think, you can use it if your hair is even just damaged from heat and this will give it a little boost. 

Next on my list was the Split-Fix Serum (£6.00), this serum is applied to the ends of your hair after washing to help smooth and tame fly-aways.  My hair is an absolute nightmare for fly-aways and I really find this product to be helpful.  It helps smooth the ends and make my split ends less prominent.  It's also really lightweight so doesn't weigh your hair down or leave it feeling greasy.  An absolute staple in my hair care routine.  

Lastly, I picked up the Swamp Spritz (£6.00), this is a sea salt spray used to add texture to hair and help achieve that messy 'I woke up like this look' all girls want to achieve.  It's basically making an effort to look like you haven't made an effort.  I applied this to clean, damp hair and then scrunched up the ends and dried on a cool heat with the hairdryer.  This is the only product I wasn't 100% happy with as my hair just looked more frizzy and a bit bush-like, however, I don't blame the product as I have read many reviews of this with people who had fantastic results, I think it is simply my hair (sigh).  Some people may have been happy with the result of this but it just wasn't the look I was trying to achieve. And so my search continues to find a sea salt spray that gives me my messy bed-head look minus the resemblance of a bush. 

Overall, I was really impressed with the BLEACH London range, I think the products are an amazing quality for the price.  I'll definitely be making a few re-purchases and who knows maybe next time I will take the plunge and have bright blue hair.... Probably not.

Have you used any of the BLEACH London range?  Are you braver than me and used the dreamy hair dyes?  Let me know!  


  1. Great blog. I've really been wanting to try the reincarnation mask and after reading this I am definitely going to purchase it, my hair is in dire need of some help haha. I haven't yet used the BLEACH London hair colours but have used other brands and now i'm addicted to dying my hair all sorts of colours. May have to try one of theirs next...eep.

    Kirsty x


    1. Thank you so much! Oh it's definitely worth picking up, it's worked wonders for my hair and it's so cheap! I wish I was brave enough to try some, you'll need to let me know if you use any of the colours, they're all so lovely :) x

  2. I really want to try that reincarnation mask, my hair's ombre'd so it can get a little on the drier side! may have to have a cheeky little trip to boots! :) xo


    1. It's definitely worth it, it worked really great on my hair. It ends up so soft :) xx


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