Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Elle and Benefit They're Real Push-Up Liner

Since I've been little I've always had a love for magazines, from Top of the Pops to Sugar to Elle, it's been a love affair that's never quite ended so while on a saunter through Tesco I quite naturally picked up the latest copy of Elle magazine (£4).  Not only was the absolute mega-babe Emma Watson on the cover of the Feminism Issue but there was also a free tester sized Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner.  Talk about a bargain!  

The push-up liner was one of the items I was really wanting to try but was reluctant to buy due to it being a little pricey, cashing in at £18.50, as I'm quite cack-handed when it comes to eyeliner and was worried I wouldn't be able to work with the push-up gel formula.  However, I found the product to be really great to work with.  The formula is less 'runny' than liquid eyeliners and I found it a lot easier to fix any mistakes without looking like you've got a black eye!  It also claims to be very lash-hugging, which is always something I struggled with, and I have to agree with this statement.  The gel fit round my eyelid easily without an uncomfortable feeling when on or when applying.  The liner also lasted me well throughout the day and didn't smudge or fade, which I've found some have in the past.

Overall, I was extremely pleased with this eyeliner and am now desperate to get my hands on the full-size product.  It's also a major bargain getting this tester along with a copy of Elle.  I would absolutely recommend picking this up if you're wanting to try this liner before committing to buying the product.  

Have you tried this liner?  What did you think of it?  

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