Saturday, 18 October 2014

Nutty for Cherry

For as long as I can remember my mum has always called me by the nickname of 'Cherry'.  No one really knows why, not even my mum!  It just slipped out in conversation one day and it stuck. Since then I've always have a strong compulsion to buy everything and anything cherry related, so when I saw this Cherry and Macadamia Nut Body Butter I just knew I had to buy it. 

The Cherry and Macadamia Nut Body Butter (£1.99, usually £3.99) is SuperDrug's own brand and was bought purely for the fact it was cherry based.  When I picked it up I had no idea just how dreamy it would be.  The scent is heavenly!  It's powerful but not over-bearing and stays on the skin for a good while. The butter itself is a thick and creamy texture that spreads on the skin beautifully. Luckily, it's not so thick that you feel slimy and gross after using it as it sinks into the skin so quickly and leaves it soft and sweet-smelling. 

I think this Body Butter is going to be my go-to autumn scent.  This may seem an odd fruit to dedicate to any season other than summer, but the tiny hint of nut tones it down from being a totally summery scent.  This Body Butter is definitely one of the best that I've used and with more scents available I just might need to make another stop at SuperDrug... 

Have you tried any dreamy Body Butters lately? 

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