Tuesday, 14 October 2014

10 things I learned at my first full-time job

After working at my current job for a year and 2 months I've learned a thing or two and so, with the start date of my new job (eeeek) drawing closer, I thought I would round up a few of the things I learned while working my first full-time 9-5:
  • How to carry 6 coffees along with keys, a phone and money through a busy town back to the office without spilling anything.
  • How to scan and photocopy what appears to be 3 million documents in 20 minutes.
  • How to resist the urge to eat all the treats in the Honesty Box.
  • How to get dressed in the morning in around 15 minutes.
  • How to deal with tough phone calls without crying/hanging up/swearing.
  • How to write passive aggressive office clean-up notes.
  • How to always find a pen when yours inevitably gets stolen.
  • How to organise your life via post-it notes.
  • How to recognise when you deserve a happy hour drink, ie everyday at 5 o'clock. 
  • How to pretend you actually have a clue what you're doing with your life. 
Let me know if I missed anything you learned at your first job!  


  1. Aww this is brilliant! And so true haha I just started my new job this week in a studio/office too. Great post, as always!


    1. Glad you think so!! :) thank you again xx


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