Monday, 25 February 2013

OOTD - 25/2/2013

So i thought i'd do a bit of an ootd post.  I wasn't going anywhere fancy, just to Nandos for a lunch date catch up with a friend.  This is my first ootd post so here goes.. 

 Firstly a mirror shot for full view of my outfit.  (ignore how fat i look)  So this is the full outfit of a galaxy pink and purple top, denim like skater skirt, grey tights and nike blazers. 

So this is a better shot of the top and the tucking in of the top to the skirt.  I just feel it looks better tucked in rather than just hanging loosely (just me?) The top has a horse on the right side (of the pic) but you can't see it too clearly in this..sorry about that! 

Next up is the beloved blazers, I paired them with grey tights which I newly bought, just fancied a change from real reason.  So I just felt the blazers would give the outfit a more casual, down feel as I said it was only Nando's. 

Also I took some shots of the jewlerry I wore.  I love my pink Shambala (think its that haha) bracelet! I also have a silver and a purple one but I thought this one would tie in nicely with my blazers. I was sporting a 'J' earring for Jemma :) and a little star on my cartilidge.  I understand the stud on my tragus is quite ugly but I only got it pierced 7 weeks or so ago and i'm hopefully going to get a nice one soon! 

Finally, my bag.  I love this bag as the multi-colourness goes with everything! It looks similar to a satchel but its not really haha, it also has a longer strap which I just drape over my shoulder but it also has the little clutch to just be carried - versatile! 

Top - Topshop (got it ages ago though)
Skirt - River Island
Tights - New Look
Blazers - Shcuh
Bracelet - Warren James
Earrings - 'J' is from Razzle Dazzle (little shop in Glasgow), Cartilidge - Warren James, Tragus - from piercing shop
Bag - River Island 

So that's my first attempt at an ootd post! Hope it was okay :)

Thanks for reading!



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