Monday, 8 April 2013

Wish List

Okay so sorry for the complete lack of posts!! I'm such a fail sorrrrry! But since i haven't posted in a while i thought i'd do a kind of  'wish list' of things i'm hoping to buy! I'm shopping loads in River Island recently so this'll be all RI items. So here goes 

Firstly i love these denim shorts from River Island! I love the retro feel to them and like the mix of dark and light on them making them easier to work with! I'm not even going to lie i'd buy them even if they were horrible purely for the belt! I absolutely love the belt!!! I don't know exactly why i just think it would look really good tucked into a black top with gold shoes (possible outift?) and of course tights!

River Island - £30
Click here 

Next i really like this black pinafore. I just think its a really simple piece but really cute! I think it'd be a good piece to accesorize and could do some really great things with it to make it more formal and more casual. I'm definitely hoping to buy this or get something similar! Also kind of dungarees'y (not even a word) which are coming back in this summer so right on trend! 

River Island - £20 (bargain!!) 
Click here

So i'm totally in need of a new jacket and i recently saw this one and fell in love. I like the quilted look and its quite edgy with the gold chains. I've had leather jackets previously but never had a good proper one so i can hopefully treat myself to this as it is quite expensive but i definitely think it'd be worth it and totally rock up some looks!

River Island - £65
Click here

I'm really into acid wash right now (don't know why) so i'm really liking these acid wash leggings! I love the blue denim colour and the high waisted-ness of them as it makes you look skinnier (need all the help i can get) and they also look like they'd be comfy too as well as flattering! If you're not so keen on the blue they also have dark grey and kaki which i also really like! Also only £16!!! Complete steal! 

River Island - £16
Click here

Okay so finally i saw this little sequined top and thought it was just really cute and light for spring/summer coming in! I'm not usually so keen on being all girly with glitter and pink outifits but i think some good looks could be made with this top! Either going out clubbing/to party or just shopping! I'm not sure if it'd be scratchy and irritating on your arms as i've never tried it on but i suppose you could always try before you buy! 

River Island - £25
Click here

So like 99% of the female population there's a million and two things more i'd like to buy from RI but these are a few of my favs and i'm also getting tired so i'll leave you with this and let me know if you own any of these pieces or what you think! 

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  1. That pinny is great! I love the hooks for the straps, it is really different! I hope you get a few things off your wish list!

    E x

  2. Isn't it! I really like it :) there's a 20% off for students deal at RI for 3 days starting tomorrow so hopefully! Thank you :) x


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